My great great grandfather purchased this land with his family and friends 100 years ago, and our families still enjoy it today. And here’s a banner I designed for the celebration. (at Lake Rabun)

  09:54 pm, by lizsnodgrass

Just got really excited when turning the page in this issue of Atlanta Magazine, Pete the Cat!!

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Running armband got sweat in my phone and damaged the camera. All posts will be selfies until iphone 6 is available… (at The Atlanta Beltline: Northeast Corridor)

  10:14 am, by lizsnodgrass

Practicing my face for work head shots today. (at The Visualab)

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Boys. #jaimieis30

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Sonoma Valley sunrise, last day. #jaimieis30

  09:36 am, by lizsnodgrass

Driving over golden gate bridge. #jaimieis30 (at Golden Gate Bridge)

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Lunch on a hill in San Francisco! #jaimieis30 (at Alta Plaza)

  05:46 pm, by lizsnodgrass

Cat snuggles: Buster & Tobias

  06:48 pm, by lizsnodgrass

Purple is the new Blonde. #trafficselfie

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